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Aruni Ellepola


Classification: Senior Major: Political Science & Economics Hometown: Flower Mound, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite zeta memory has to be when a group of my sisters came to help my family salvage items from our house that had recently caught on fire. After a couple of weeks of feeling pretty low, being with them instantly brightened my day. It was so much fun to laugh, joke around, and catch up after not seeing each other all summer!! The fire was probably one of the hardest pains I’ve been through but the support I’ve received not only from my chapter sisters but from ZTA alumnae & other ZTA sisters has been overwhelming. I’ve always cherished being a member of ZTA but going through this tragedy with the support of my sisterhood has made me eternally grateful for ZTA. It’s made my life & my family’s life better knowing we aren’t going through this alone.”

Hannah Arteaga

Vice President I

Classification: Senior Major: Social Work Hometown: Fort Worth, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite ZTA memory was planning our philanthropy event, BBQ for a Cure, from start to finish last fall. Philanthropy and service play a major role in our chapter, and it is one of the most fun things that we get to do together! With the help of our Think Pink chairmen, You’ll see us “thinking pink” all over campus! Planning this event gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in myself that I didn’t realize I had, but the best part was seeing our community come together by fundraising for breast cancer education and awareness.”

Annie Tong

Vice President II

Classification: Junior Major: Nursing Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite ZTA memory is participating in UTA’s 2019 Bed Races! It was a blast being able to partake in one of UTA’s annual traditions alongside all my zeta sisters! My team dressed up as spongebob characters and ultimately had sooo much fun with each other that placing 1st in the women’s division was unexpected! Winning was cool but nothing beats the amount of laughter and pure bliss we experienced with one another that night.”

Gaby Lerma

Vice President III

Classification: Senior Major: Business Management & Marketing Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “One of my many favorite ZTA memories is attending the inaugural Emerging Leaders Academy with my sister, Ana in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was an honor to represent our Zeta Sigma Chapter while learning about ZTA’s nine key values & how to integrate those into leadership in order to better serve our Chapter. The opportunity to meet sisters from across the nation & visit ZTA’s International Office with its new Historical & Educational Center are moments I’ll never forget.”

Madison Winkler


Classification: Senior Major: Business Management Hometown: Belton, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “One of the my favorite zeta memories is all the help and support I got when I tore my ACL playing intramural basketball. Ana and Gaby helped me out with getting back to the zeta house. Hannah L and Sarah B took me to the hospital that night, and Sydney met us there to keep me company. My roommate Amanda was extremely helpful in driving me to and from class. I’ll always remember how helpful and supportive everybody was for me that night and without zeta I never would have met them and formed the friendships I now have with them.”

Sydney Mire


Classification: Sophomore Major: Public Health Hometown: Mansfield, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite zeta memory has to be moving into the zeta house last fall! Not only did I get the best roomie ever (s/o Hannah Light) but I also got to get close with so many of my sisters! I can’t wait for another fun year in the zouse this fall.”

Amy Sandhu

Risk Reduction and Education Chair

Classification: Senior Major: Marketing Hometown: Flower Mound, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “One of my favorite zeta memories has to be my new member retreat! I used to be so shy and coming to UTA as a transfer student was really nerve wracking. My pledge class got to stay at the SMU Zeta house and we attempted to make a lip dub video to 90s songs. It was so much fun, and I really got to know all the amazing girls in my pledge class. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere, and Zeta has truly been a home to me ever since.”

Miranda Hinkle

Academic Achievement

Classification: Senior Major: Criminal Justice and History Hometown: Lynden, WA Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite Zeta memory is chapter retreat last semester! I had so much fun bonding with my sisters through the different team-building activities (that double-dutch activity though). Who wouldn’t want to be dressed up as Disney Characters and grow our sisterhood! Each obstacle pushed me to have deeper conversations with my sisters, which is what Zeta is all about!”

Chloe Bohannon


Classification: Sophomore Major: Public Relations Hometown: Cabot, AR Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite ZTA Memory is painting banners for our events. The countless hours of laughter, clumpy paint, bad music, funny stories and a little bit of studying are something not everyone gets to experience. Painting our Spring Bid Day banner with McKenzie was one of my favorites of last semester. I will also never forget when a bug got stuck in the wet paint while Emma, Miranda, and I painted the 50th celebration banner. Without Zeta and taking the chance to paint a banner, I wouldn’t have formed some of the bonds I have today.”

Hannah Light


Classification: Junior Major: Biology Hometown: Grapevine, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite Zeta memory so far has been living in the house this past year! I’ve had so many fun times and created lasting memories. Whether it's studying together, our Monday night Bachelor watch parties, or getting late night ice cream! I can’t wait to make more memories living in the house this year”

Ana Garcia

College Panhellenic Delegate

Classification: Junior Major: Public Health Hometown: Arlington, TX Favorite ZTA Memory: “My favorite zeta memory will always be experiencing Zeta Sigma’ 50th anniversary celebration!!! It was amazing seeing so many of our wonderful alumni come to support, and show us a glimpse of how zeta has helped them since they graduated. Not to mention meeting the first initiate of the Zeta Sigma chapter, and hearing her speak to us about how the chapter started 50 years ago. My favorite part was definitely doing the zeta chant together!”

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